Letting go and moving on


Is it godly for christians to break up?  Seemed like an easy question to answer till I opened my keypad to type and then I realised the question itself was funny.

While I strongly believe and advocate the accuracy of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer, I do not demonise breakups even among believers because I believe that things happen, people change, and when these things and changes stop serving Gods purpose, it is highly advisable that you go your separate ways because in the end, our relationships and marriages must be God glorifying, but this will be impossible if the individuals involved are not God glorifying.

In this episode we discuss the godly way to let go and move on in 5 points, whether in romantic relationships or friendships that end for whatever reason. Through the whole process, we must be loving and forgiving of ourselves as well as the person involved.

The Waiting Attitude


Our hearts posture and mindset are important in the seasons of waiting.

In this episode we explore 5 things we must be conscious of as we wait on God.

What is your attitude saying in this season of waiting?

To the one scared to love,


Exciting weekend seeing different expressions of love. Probably my favourite characteristic of love; that it can be expressed in a vary of ways.

It is not enough to see expressions of love and just desire it when you have deeply rooted fears that make you think and expect the worse when you find yourself or other people deeply in love.

In this episode, we explore 5 things to keep in mind through the journey of romantic love. Beginning and conclusion on this matter is same; ‘perfect love casts out fear’.

Free from guilt and shame


The cold friends that is guilt and shame are the easiest foul spirits waiting to bounce on anyone who leaves just a crack in the door.

They don’t wait to be invited and need no introduction, all they need is a person to move from believing what God says about them to looking at their inabilities and faults.

In this episode we discuss 5 important things that we must be aware of in remaining rooted in the victory we have against guilt and shame. Don’t allow the devil deceive you into isolation.

Be shameless about the victory you have in Christ.

My husbands return


Ask any bride her thoughts and feelings before her big day (wedding). Chances are that you will hear words like ‘excited’, ‘expectant’, ‘thrilled’ and ‘happy’.

Any bride is always excited to receive her bridegroom. Is the church a normal bride? are we excited and expectant of our bridegroom? or have we found counterfeit substitutes that only satisfy temporarily?

This week we explore 5 things to stay aware of as we remind ourselves of Abba’s return. It isn’t far again. We’re now listening for the trumpet, we’ve moved passed counting the signs.

Is church really important?


A lot of people have a vary of opinions on the institution that is church. Some people have grown with the idea of going to church every Sunday while others have often questioned the point and impact of meeting in a building to worship and fellowship together with people that might even constitute strangers.

This episode is not attempting to give us reasons to go to church, it is just giving us an understanding of what church is and why the bible encourages us not to neglect the ‘gathering of the brethren’.

In the end, every man must be a liar and God must be true, so let’s dive into what God says about the church community.

In the words of one of my favourite teachers, ‘find your tribe and love ’em hard’!

5 things you must know about fasting


It is that time of the year again, for a lot of us who grew up going to church and beginning each year with a fast. Haha

I have learnt that it should never become a ritual or something we do ‘just because’, we must connect, engage and actually get what God has for us from this spiritual discipline. If you’re one who limits your fast to just the beginning of the year, I hope this episode challenges you.

We discuss 5 things we must know about fasting and how to have the best fast experience.

The material referenced in the  first point in the episode is ‘Fasting 101’ by Myles Munroe, feel free to check it out on YouTube.

Relationship maintenance


Anything that will last requires a conscious attempt at maintaining it, including our human relationships. In this episode we explore 5 practical ways to maintain our relationships, including romantic, parental, friendships and mentorship relationships.

We invest in anything we want to keep for long. Invest in the people you say you love by actively maintaining those relationships.

5 pillars upon which success is referenced


In this episode is all you need to know to start your year!

We discuss 5 points from Apostle Selman’s message ‘The price for uncommon impact’. Very condensed version in this episode but just as powerful.

I wish you peace, joy, clarity and plenty love in this new year. Welcome to 2021!

2020 in view and lessons for 2021


It is the last episode of  2020! Yayy!

I hope this episode blesses you and inspires you to do and be more in 2021! God has already gone ahead of us and made all paths straight and He will see us through.

A massive shout out, with a truckload of hugs to the 3k+ people listening to Foch woman podcast. I do not take it for granted and I am excited to see all that 2021 brings!

From Foch woman podcast, Happy New Year!