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Letting go and moving on

Summary Is it godly for christians to break up?  Seemed like an easy question to answer till I opened my keypad to type and then I realised the question itself was funny. While I strongly believe and advocate the accuracy of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer, I do not demonise breakups…

The Waiting Attitude

Summary Our hearts posture and mindset are important in the seasons of waiting. In this episode we explore 5 things we must be conscious of as we wait on God. What is your attitude saying in this season of waiting?

To the one scared to love,

Summary Exciting weekend seeing different expressions of love. Probably my favourite characteristic of love; that it can be expressed in a vary of ways. It is not enough to see expressions of love and just desire it when you have deeply rooted fears that make you think and expect the worse when you find yourself…

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Rubie Targema-Takema

I am the conduit through which The Holy Spirit passes His message. I am first the listener before the podcaster. Follow me as I follow Christ. Get to know me here

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We host various guests periodically on the podcast on various topics.

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